Inspired by the lovely discussion stemming from @daydreamer list
  1. Live authentically. Being us isn't easy, and we can try and put on other hats, but that only makes us feel more isolated. Our differences don't isolate us, only our act of trying to be the same does. The qualities you criticize yourself for are the very qualities that give you the most fulfillment. Embrace your enlightenment.
    "I can change, whittle my square edges to fit in a round hole. God, I hope I'm never going to massacre myself that way." Sylvia Plath
  2. Perhaps we aren't the most likeable. Being our friend/partner takes effort. But for those we let in, we will intuitively protect them and always strive to make them happy. We may not be the life of the party, but we can provide a deep intimacy that others can only strive for.
    "Perhaps, then, unlikeable characters, the ones who are the most human, are also the ones that are most alive. Perhaps this intimacy makes us uncomfortable because we don't dare be so alive." Roxanne Gay in Bad Feminist
  3. It can be hard feeling that you're destined for a life of sadness because most art/writing/music you connect with is tragic. Remember you're the only thing standing in your way to happiness. Those constant thoughts on loop in your brain keeping you up at night will lead you to make changes upon the world. Be grateful.
    "I have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. Or I can go mad ricocheting in between." Sylvia Plath
  4. Sadness can seem to be a burden. Having your go to reaction be to cry isn't always the most socially acceptable, but is one of our greatest gifts. Embrace the fact that you are capable of bearing the weight of existential frustration. You want to change the world often at the expense of your own emotional comfort. That is an admirable quality.
    "Suffering may well be a human achievement, especially if the suffering grows out of existential frustration." Viktor Frankl in Man's Search for Meaning
  5. Don't try and fit in. Embrace your INFJ qualities so you can live and love passionately.