Questions about my future gay wedding

After attending a wedding this weekend, I have a lot of questions that need answers
  1. Do we both get engagement rings? Do we plan the engagement so we both have rings at the same time? Or do we not, and one person goes ringless for a while?
  2. Do we go bridal dress shopping together? What if we don't and our dresses clash?
  3. Do our bridesmaids wear the same dress?
  4. Do we have any groomsmen?
  5. Do we have a combined bridal shower? If we don't, we never get to mingle with the friends and family of the other side. If we do, do we both wear the wrapping paper ribbon hats?
  6. Do we have separate bachelorette parties?
  7. Who walks down the aisle first? Together?
  8. I know the answer is "what ever you two want" buuuuut it's easier to let the Internet decide 💁🏻