Thoughts of a gay girl after hearing the news today

  1. I often forget that I'm a member of a minority group
  2. It's easy since I carry the privilege of being a college educated white female from a middle class family
  3. I also carry the privilege of being a feminine lesbian of which I hold a little guilt for being Hetero-passing
  4. But on days like today, it is hard to forget the hate
  5. I was just at a gay club and then Stonewall in NYC on Friday
  6. The attacks today could have easily happened in New York. And could easily have happened to me.
  7. With NYC pride quickly approaching, I can't help but question whether or not I should attend the events
  8. But I will not be closeted again. I will be there, holding hands with my girlfriend.
  9. Because I have hope that within my lifetime, I will not have to ever second guess whether I'm "safe enough" to hold my girlfriends hand, to kiss her, or to openly refer to her as my girlfriend.
  10. I have hope that acceptance is in my future. That I will not have to feel like I am part of a minority group. That people will just love, and not hate.
  11. I will think of all those who lost their lives, and continue to be proud of who I am and who I love. Love will always conquer hate
  12. 💔💛💚💙💜