1. You feel guilty you aren't "gay" enough
    So you aren't representing your minority group as every other minority group has no alternative but to represent
  2. No one ever expects you to be gay so you spend all your time in an inner debate of whether or not to come out
  3. When you do come out, people either assume you are lying or that you were molested as a child
    It may sound hard to believe but I have literally had people ask me that as a retort when I say I'm gay
  4. When you hold hands with your girlfriend, people assume you are just best friends or worse sisters
  5. People assume your relationships are "just a phase" because you just "haven't found the right guy yet"
  6. Everyone assumes you'll be good at sports or will one day rock an alternative super short cut hairstyle
    Not this lesbian
  7. But worse is that people will say homophobic things in front of you because they never expect you to be gay 😔