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  1. A fucking chocolate chip cookie commercial.
  2. What the hell
A list of things that are, at best, meh to me (but most likely I actively dislike them) that other people love.
  1. Mushrooms as food. I've tried. I've given them a legitimate chance. I. Can't. They're slimy - yep, even fried, dipped in whatever, hidden in other lovely foods. I have given a real effort and I can't do it. Ick.
  2. Olives. Same. I want to like them - Mediterranean dishes look so delicious - but I can't. They're tiny balls of salt and sour and it's just too much.
  3. The Beatles. Idk, they're only ok to me. Sorry.
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(I mean, not really chosen at random, but I kept the prompt)
  1. Photo 1. I repeatedly tried to convince my high school senior daughter that she should lie down in weird positions to release some creativity for a school project. Saw this the next day and had to send it to her to validate my point. She didn't care, I'm still nuts.
  2. Photo 2. Screenshot this to send to my other daughter. I am hopeless with cardigans, they are my work uniform. Amused I found one named after me. I've bought three so far (and they're awesome!)
  3. Photo 3. Random kid in a Whirlpool commercial. Took a pic b/c it looks EXACTLY like my oldest daughter Olivia when she was little. And it's the 2nd commercial I've seen an Olivia lookalike in. Freaked me out tbh.
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Not going to apologize, or prove I otherwise have good taste. Not with this list anyway.
  1. Movies: Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls, The Prince of Tides, The Bridges of Madison County, the Grisham books movies, Almost Famous, all Bourne movies, all 13 hours of Anne of Green Gables, Grease 2 (also 1, but everyone loves 1), Dragon Tattoo series with subtitles > Dragon Tattoo in English, John Hughes movies (but not Sixteen Candles)
  2. Books: All above movies that are also books, the Robert Galbraith series, some Jodi Picoult, Karen Slaughter's books, Cheryl Strayed's Wild, David Sedaris, a lot of Oprah's book club recommendations
  3. Music: Miley Cyrus, old Maroon Five, old Matchbox 20, some new Taylor Swift, 90s country (Garth, Shania, Martina Mcbride, Jo Dee Messina...), Basia, Eminem, a lot of old-ish stuff (Eagles, Steve Miller, etc).
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Maybe not totally obscure, but I don't see these on any of the '70s kids' lists. I had to dig deep in my brain for some of these memories. I loved being a kid though...so much happy on this list.
  1. The Littles - the dollhouse furniture more than the dolls. Oh, that armoire. The thing was cast iron, super high quality you won't find in toys now.
  2. Fashion Plates. I'd spend hours concocting beautiful outfits, no actual drawing talent required.
  3. Spirograph. Same, but beautiful geometry.
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