(I mean, not really chosen at random, but I kept the prompt)
  1. Photo 1. I repeatedly tried to convince my high school senior daughter that she should lie down in weird positions to release some creativity for a school project. Saw this the next day and had to send it to her to validate my point. She didn't care, I'm still nuts.
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  2. Photo 2. Screenshot this to send to my other daughter. I am hopeless with cardigans, they are my work uniform. Amused I found one named after me. I've bought three so far (and they're awesome!)
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  3. Photo 3. Random kid in a Whirlpool commercial. Took a pic b/c it looks EXACTLY like my oldest daughter Olivia when she was little. And it's the 2nd commercial I've seen an Olivia lookalike in. Freaked me out tbh.
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  4. Photo 4. This is the other one.
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  5. Photo 5. Chose this one to brag about my husband. Dude started with a flat trailer frame and built this beautiful teardrop on his own. No kit. No instructions. It's gorgeous.
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