Maybe not totally obscure, but I don't see these on any of the '70s kids' lists. I had to dig deep in my brain for some of these memories. I loved being a kid much happy on this list.
  1. The Littles - the dollhouse furniture more than the dolls. Oh, that armoire. The thing was cast iron, super high quality you won't find in toys now.
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  2. Fashion Plates. I'd spend hours concocting beautiful outfits, no actual drawing talent required.
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  3. Spirograph. Same, but beautiful geometry.
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  4. The little orange record player. Portable. Couldn't close it with a 33 in it. Always fought my sister over who had to turn over the record (must not have had the automatic arm thing?).
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  5. Read along books to play on the little record player. Had many but Three Little Pigs definitely stands out most in my mind. What a great way to learn to read. And it probably gave my parents a much needed break.
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  6. Lite Brite. Ok, this one still gets a little play on the nostalgia lists but it was important to me so had to include it. Seeing a trend in loving things that allowed me to create without having any actual artistic talent.
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  7. Checkers. So simple, so plain. Didn't retain any chess knowledge but I could play the shit outta some checkers.
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  8. Tiddlywinks. I loved this game! I'm actually surprised how many games my sister and I played as kids. My kids generally destroyed games, didn't play much.
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  9. Tinkertoys. How in the hell was this given to children? I literally choked on one as a child. But, I lived, so it's all good. Fuck Lincoln Logs, these were the bomb!
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  10. Plush Smurfs. Sure, the cartoon was ok, but these miniature blue friends were the best. Perfect round noses. Perfect round heads. Loved to snuggle them, and I wasn't otherwise into stuffed animals.
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  11. Tiny plastic Smurf figurines. Also loved. I think it was the miniature thing, they were tiny and perfect and frankly, the craftsmanship was fantastic. Had a pretty big collection.
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  12. Butter Rum Life Savers. Are these, like, a less intense version of butterscotch? Rum > scotch? Anyway, yes, these and the Lifesavers books are still huge for the holidays, but Christmas = butter rum in my head, so...its a happy and nostalgic flavor. :) (Also - "the candy with the hole". Does the package still say that?!)
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  13. Sesame Street Fever. The cassette tape. Kind of associated with humiliation also - it's when I discovered no one else can hear the music in my headphones so I sound like a moron singing along at the top of my lungs - but hours of fun anyway.
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  14. Baton. I don't know why we were allowed to play with weapons as children but I loved this thing. We had a few but my fave was blue. I hit my sister over the head with it. She's ok.
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  15. Dress up clothes. O. M. G. I literally begged to wear a dress every day one summer, I always wanted to be fancy and have a twirly dress (guess I got that out of my system!). Fave pieces were from mom - her old pink prom dress with layers of tulle and some lavender pumps. Maybe not together. But maybe together idgaf.
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