1. She is my best friend on earth
    Since preschool I've known this girl is one of those people you meet once in a lifetime, if that
  2. She is highly motivated
    With a cup of coffee in one hand and a pen in the other this journalism major is practically unstoppable
  3. She knows just wait to say to make everyone around her feel like they're worthwhile
    Shanna has time for everyone, and she's always quick with a compliment or pleasant thought to brighten any room she enters
  4. She has amazing fashion sense
    We can all take a page out of Shanna's book on this one. She's always dressed for success and it's no wonder why the workers at Bath and Body Works accuse her of being European
  5. She has the cheek bones of the heavens
    We all wish we could take a page out of Shanna's book on this one. How does she do it??
  6. She is so intelligent
    She can talk about the art history of Islam and do it in Chinese
  7. She can bake like nobody's business
    Cookies? Crockpot hot chocolate? Any desserts you may require this girl can make and make well
  8. Others may change but she is always recognizable to me
    We have the same sole, and no matter where life takes us we are always together
  9. She donated her old bras to a good cause