Rating on how easy/hard it was. 1 being really difficult, 10 being easy peasy.
  1. French 9/10
    This one was my first exam. I didn't really study but it was easier then expected.
  2. Math 8/10
    I started studying for math a few weeks before because it was a lot of stuff to cover and remember. Plus, I have a really organized teacher, which I'm thankful for:) It was just the basics, no harder questions which is what an exam is supposed to be like. The only thing that I was a tad sad about was I didn't finish the last question because I ran out of time! It was only 2 marks though, not a huge deal. I dislike those types of questions anyways.
  3. English 8/10
    It went pretty well! I thought I wasn't going to finish in time, but I did. I also wrote a killer mini-essay about the common themes in To Kill a Mockingbird and The Taming of the Shrew in about 45 minutes! I didn't really study for this one. I only made connections and wrote them in my book. (it was an open book exam)
  4. Science 8.5/10
    I had science yesterday. The night before, I was freaking out because I procrastinated for this one, which wasn't very good. That day, a miracle happened because it was waaay easier than expected! I think I nailed it. (I don't want to jinx it though.)
  5. Geography 7/10
    I'm doing it today😬 The grade above me told me it was really easy, and I'm taking their word for it a little too much...I think I'm going to start studying for it. UPDATE: I did it and I hardly studied (which is bad) but it wasn't really that hard. I'm done exams now! Woohoo!
  6. Have fun studying for exams if you're taking them🌸
  7. Side note: please do not copy my terrible study habits. I got extremely lucky, and you can't rely on luck in life. Lol