(which this next one will be my first in 5+ years)
  1. Not a big believer in readings
    Traveling down a page of words puts you in a hypnagogic state; the act of reading a book is unique and intimate; as close to a mind-to-mind transfer as you can get. Reading aloud is performance, and a totally different thing. Seems like more of a cult of personality thing. But any way you slice it, a writer "live" isn't like a rock band.
  2. Not a big fan of readings
    Maybe it's because I've had to go to plenty of them. If the authors just spoke unscripted, they'd have my full attention. As soon as they start reading, my shoes become extremely interesting. Also, begin feeling trapped in my chair or spot on the wall.
  3. Need to do it anyway
    Doesn't seem negotiable-- I already have agita over my level of involvement in the "literary community". There are days it feels like my only outward show of writerhood is that I say so on my profile.
  4. So it will be short
    Hoping to find the shortest passage possible. Playing to the folks like me: "That guy was my favorite. The quick one."
  5. And I might need a cocktail first
    I believe I have a flask here somewhere for just such an occasion!