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  1. Lush bath bombs
  2. Champagne gummy bears
  3. La La Land
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  1. She Used to Be Mine
    Sara Bareilles
  2. I Hate Love
    Paul McDonald
  3. Cupid
    Josh Halverson
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  1. Nick Offerman
  2. Questlove
  3. Seth Rogen
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  1. This.
  2. That's it. I don't need 3, because the pure joy in that picture says it all.
  1. Lip Freak
  2. This Is Us
  3. The Legend of Tarzan
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alternate title: someecards gets me
  1. Sporcle
    Trivia FTW.
  2. Me Before You
    I've watched it literallt every day (sometimes more than once) since I got it...Aug. 20th.
  3. Hurbert's lemonade
    With a strong emphasis on the peach and blood orange flavors
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I asked my students this question, too...resulting in some interesting conversations about fear.
  1. These are my main 3...spiders seemed to be the most popular answer.
  2. Another common answer.
  3. More than one kid had this fear...
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My kids wrote this for morning messages:
  1. Love this!
  2. A relatively new English-speaker. And I can hear exactly how she would say it everytime I read it and I just love it!
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