1. Veterinary Medicine
    I love dogs way more than I love humans.. Dogs are just precious, sincere, and loving. How do you say no to those eyes? That face?
  2. Fitness Trainer
    I think everyone should be ready for the hunger games at all times.. And YOLO! Why be anything less than physical perfection? Look good, feel good. And vice versa!
  3. Animal rescue
    The money I earn as a physician will be dedicated toward animal rescue in the future to make up for the fact that I cannot work in the animal rescue field. 🐶🐻🙈🐮❤️
  4. Dietician
    I would have loved to teach people the value of eating healthy and being able to live a longer life. 💪🏻
  5. Doctor of physical therapy
    Movement is crucial to fully living as a human, and I would have loved to play a role in helping someone rediscover their ability to fully live.
  6. Teacher
    I would have loved to make a difference, etc...
  7. Agent for the FBI
    Because it's BA..