My Hollywood Husbands (in Order)

  1. Alex Pettyfer
    My first husband and my first love
  2. Grant Gustin
    My second husband. Kinder and gentler than the first husband.
  3. Bradley Cooper
    He just reminds me of a tall glass of cold water... 💦
  4. Chris Evans
    The physical embodiment of the perfect man.
  5. Christopher Wood
    My nickname for him: Kai (Vampire Diaries reference!)
  6. Dancing Zac Efron
    Specifically when he's dancing..
  7. Ian Somerhalder
    Aka the mysterious Damon Salvatore 😍. Animal rights activist, philanthropist, blue-eyed babe, actor, and the owner of the key to my heart (currently).
  8. Jared Leto as the Joker 😍😍😍