Please add to the list so we can help save society from this very real potential threat.
  1. Wetsuits
    Have you ever tried to bite through a wetsuit? IT DOESN'T WORK
  2. Helicopters
    This one seems obvious.
  3. Boats
    Again obvious.
  4. Reading / Watching CNN
    During the opening of most zombie movies you hear ominous news stories in the background and people going woefully along with their lives missing the impending doom of civilization. But have you guys been on CNN recently? Do you think they would miss that crazy of shit going down? I swear I saw a headline that said "Man kills five with chainsaw" in all caps the other day so I promise if ANYTHING remotely zombie outbreak-like was going down in the U.S. CNN would be popping off.
  5. The word "Zombie"
    Why is every Zombie movie set in an alternate universe where no Zombie fiction exists??? They aren't "biters", they aren't "walkers", they are fucking Zombies.
  6. Common Sense
    What has ever been good in the basement? Or the abandoned Steel Mill? Or the lonely farmhouse? I'm scared of the dark side of my parents house / camping so I sure as hell am not trifling with scary locales if zombies are definitively about.
  7. Helicopters with mounted machine guns
    Really trying to drill this one home
  8. Scythes
    Not sure if more practical then bats tbh but way sweeter
  9. Effective military command
    I'm still baffled by how the army constantly loses to zombies in movies. There is so much stuff they can use to win... Helicopters, Tanks, Boats, Hummers, Planes, Aircraft Carries, millions of sophisticated and trained people who know how to use guns, drones, helicopters, etc.
  10. Second floors and up of buildings
    Our society is filled with buildings that have more then one floor. And it seems like someone should be able to barricade a way up and then shoot the zombies outside of the building.
  11. Rope ladders
    To be used with floors of buildings that aren't the ground floor or basement (see above)