Various purposes for travel but the only criteria for making this list was that at least one night was spent in that city, hotel or otherwise.
  1. Portland, Oregon
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    That iconic PDX Airport Carpet. So beloved as to inspire a PDX Carpet IPA by those brewmasters at Rogue. I will forever love this city. Even though I only called it home for a year, I often think of the bike rides, beers, castles and people that filled an important year of my life.
  2. Riverside, California
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    May not seem like a destination vacation. I'll tell you Riverside is chalk full of finely aged charm, the best kind of grit and an over abundance of personality.
  3. Tempe, Arizona
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    Another charming city but even more noteworthy as the current residence of my good friend and old roommate Jesse. She's got new roommates now, like Iz here and his little sister Stella.
  4. Kunshan, China
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    Unique for every way it affects your senses. Hot and muggy, bright colors everywhere but dusty smoggy and dirty. The smells are indescribable. Mosquitos and mopeds. Frogs at the grocery store and a nation obsessed with building empty condos and playing basketball.
  5. Shanghai, China
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    A collision of the oldest of traditions and the undeniable invasion of pop culture and technology. So far my favorite of the cities I've visited in China. I'm sure Hong Kong will give it a run for its money.
  6. Toronto, Canada
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    Home of my Canadian cousin. It almost feels like the entire city is no more than 15 years old. Great young energy but I really had to dig to find that charm that riverside had oozing from every nook and cranny. A harder acquired taste. Just need some more time.
  7. Niagara Falls, Canada
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    Take the surreal beauty of a national park, pack it into one gigantic waterfall then pack the south side of the Vegas strip, people and all, into the parking lot. That's Niagara. At least the Canadian side.
  8. Madrid, Spain
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    Churros con chocolate. Gastronomy is as important to a city's character as someone's smile is to their personality.
  9. Kazan, Russia
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    Everything about Russia is different. The people are stoic the way I've always pictured Germany to be, but shaped less by a militant culture than just a harder way of life and living. Avoid Russian cities in rivers in the summer time. Particularly if you dislike bugs.
  10. Temecula, California
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    Wine country, friends and the beginnings of a new family. It's all about love.
  11. Kingston, Jamaica
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    Not an easy place to be. It's not resort living in Montego Bay. Hot and humid. Dirty and poor. But abundantly rich in culture and kind welcoming people. Such an incredible experience but once was probably enough.
  12. Providence, Rhode Island
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    Different from Kingston. Worked the whole time so aside from getting to see some old friends, just a quick business trip.
  13. Paris, France
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    Purely pleasure. Old friends and really old art work. I love Paris for all of the beauty and grime. For all the sights I saw, this trip was all about catching up with friends.
  14. Agen, France
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    The French countryside. Farmland and a slower pace of living. Loved meeting my friend's beautiful little family. The towns we visited were beautiful and historic and charming but this stop was all about the people not the places.
  15. Madrid, Spain (again)
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    Second trip in 2015 but a chance to see some of Europe with my brother. Really quick stop but worth every moment.