1. Is Biggie in heaven? Or was he reincarnated???
    If he's in heaven, I hope he smiles every time I listen to his songs, also every time I quote him, also every time I use one of his lyrics as my Instagram caption. BUT if he's reincarnated (I'd like to think it's that) where is he? WHO is he? He died in 97 so he would be about 18... I hope we're friends. I don't have a ton of friends that are 18, but still!
  2. What are my friends doing?
    What is martha eating for dinner??? Has Libby started her flip cup tournament? Will she start snapping from it soon?
  3. What will I have for dinner when I get to Seattle??
  4. Will people want some of the red wine I brought? Or will I get to drink it all??
  5. Are people going to love or hate that I've gone list crazy during this drive???
  6. Do I have to stop listening to my yoga sculpt Christmas playlist tomorrow? (Probably)
  7. Will sleeping on an air mattress suck or be totally fine? (Prob fine)
  8. It's so sad that Biggie died at 24, he had so much more life to live!
  9. Are we there yet???