As and when I remember them (in no order)
  1. Richard Diebenkorn
    Love his figurative AND abstract work
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Richard Wilson
    Theoretical and diagrammatic sculptor
  4. James Turrell
    His installation in PS1 is one of my favourite rooms EVER
  5. Mark Rothko
    I get lost in his paintings
  6. Henri Matisse
    His colours
  7. Paul Cezzane
    Form created by blocks of colour. Love his still lives and landscapes
  8. François-Auguste-René Rodin
    Emotional sculptor
  9. Alberto Giacometti
    Scratchy drawings and innovative sculptor
  10. Lucian Freud
    Thick textured paintings
  11. Joan Miró
  12. Antoni Tàpies
  13. Michelangelo
  14. Leonardo
  15. Francis Bacon
    I love bacon
  16. Amedeo Modigliani
    Necks and eyes
  17. Calder
  18. Jackson Pollock
  19. David Hockney
  20. Giorgia Franchi