Stupid diet ruins everything
  1. Spree
    Remember Spree? Like candy coated Sweet Tarts
  2. Big League Chew
    Technically gum, but ate it anyway. My intestines are probably still full of this stuff from 35 years ago.
  3. Fun-Dip
    The dips were yummy, but the candy sticks were the best part. I could eat a bag of those sticks.
  4. Caramello
    Freeze them. They last longer. Otherwise a bar disappears in minutes.
  5. Red Hots
    Cinnamony delicious.
  6. Creme De Mints
    Mom used to bring these home from the bar. Needless to say, we were always stocked up.
  7. Red Vines
    Now they come in tubs for five bucks. To hell with a single package, I could eat a whole tub of 'em during a movie.
  8. Tic Tacs
    Technically a breath mint, but they come in Strawberry and Wild Cherry flavored now. Damn you Tic Tacs!!