1. Sandra Bullock
  2. Hugh Grant
    The master of the British rom-com.
  3. Keira Knightley
  4. Julia Roberts
  5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    I grew up watching him in 3rd Rock From The Sun, and, thinking back now, JGL was probably my first TV crush.
  6. Colin Firth
  7. Chris Pine
    Blue eyes, blue eyes, BLUE EYES.
  8. Anne Hathaway
  9. Chris Evans
  10. Jason Bateman
  11. Jennifer Lawrence
  12. Bradley Cooper
  13. Dylan O'Brien
  14. Paul Rudd
    I wanted to be Phoebe so I could be married to Paul Rudd.
  15. Ryan Reynolds
  16. Justin Long
  17. Audrey Tatou