The Only Movies I've Ever Cried In

In no particular order... Also there may be spoilers to anyone who hasn't seen these movies.. Apologies.
  1. The Notebook
    Who didn't cry when they died at the same time holding hands?!
  2. Samantha: An American Girl Doll
    It was devastating when Samantha's aunt and uncle wouldn't take in the orphans and you know it. Also: The movie we all forgot AnnaSophia Robb is in.
  3. Prometheus
    I was legitimately scared afterwards and shed a couple tears.
  4. Inside Out
    Bing Bong dying is one of the saddest things I swear! And the scene at the end when she comes home?! Gets me every time.
  5. Big Hero 6
    How could they kill his brother and put me through that kind of emotional turmoil?!
  6. One Day
    There were a few spots... The end being the half of them.
  7. Atonement
    Such a beautifully, tragic movie. Too many places where tears were shed to mention them all.
  8. Remember Me
    I held it together for the entire movie... Except of course the end.
  9. The Danish Girl
    I don't know how or why I didn't see Lilly's death coming but I didn't and was crushed
  10. The Game Plan
    I was a sucker for the whole cheesy family thing at the end
  11. Life of Pi
    Just over the sheer beauty
  12. Room
    Emotionally exhaustive
  13. Because of Winn Dixie
    That one part with her dad in the rain and she tells him to get back in his stupid turtle shell ugh. Also: AnnaSophia Robb again!