Nothing major, just a shit ton of bloodwork 🤗🙃
  1. I actually think I'm indifferent to hospitals
  2. Just nod like you know what he's talking about. Just nod. Like you know.
  3. I think I'm indifferent to hospital gowns
  4. Hospital beds are made to make you feel as helpless as possible I swear
  5. Shit IV's huuuurt
  6. Wait... Are you or are you not supposed to keep your underwear on with the gown.......
    Have gotten mixed signals. Still confused. Kept my underwear on(?)
  7. Bodies are weird, right?
  8. Blood is weird, right??
  9. I am fine and ok.
    Rinse and repeat
  10. I love people
    *not sarcastic*
  11. Has anyone died in this room...?
  12. Fjsocuefuckmfbsc don't think of that
    *proceeds to turn on all lights while mumbling prayers and struggling to think of anything else*
  13. Pretty sure they could supply the whole country with the amount of blood they've now drawn
    Jk that's unreasonable.... but like seriously
  14. Like shit this IV hurrtttssszzzz
  15. I could never be a nurse.
    Or lab tech or Doctor or any of whatever these people do
  16. Ice cream and corn dogs
  17. When you think about it hospitals are pretty dope ig
    But get me the fuck outtt