Ways to Wear a Buff® as Demonstrated by My Youth Pastor

The Buff®: A glorified, multi-functional tube of microfiber polyester that can be worn many different ways! Woah! (As modeled by my youth pastor. He really likes his Buff®.)
  1. This is a Buff®.
    Don't be confused: the rectangular piece of fabric, not the man with the goofy face.
  2. Wear it as!!!! :
  3. A Beanie!
  4. A Do-Rag!
  5. A Headband!
  6. A Scarf/Neck Warmer!
  7. A Balaclava!
  8. A Wristband/Sweat Wiper!
  9. A "Mullet"!
  10. Handcuffs!
  11. ***Disclaimer: Not getting money for this. Just getting mems.