Life is weird.
  1. My freshman year of college I decided to visit a friend for Thanksgiving, so I was taking the Megabus from Minneapolis to Chicago.
    It was my first time on the Megabus and I had heard some *stories*, so I was a bit nervous.
  2. I'm determined to get a "good seat" and crossing my fingers that the person sitting next to me isn't a lunatic.
    It was Thanksgiving, so I knew the bus was going to be packed and I didn't want to spend the next 7 hours sitting next to some guy spittin' in a cup. Ya feel?
  3. So I get a window seat that I deem good and anxiously eye every person getting on the bus...
    Qualities I was searching for: around my age, recently bathed, etc.
  4. A girl my age gets on the bus and we make eye contact. Like the "you look pretty normal I can endure 7 hours next to you" kind of eye contact.
    It's hard to describe but you know it when you feel it.... Or so I thought.
  5. So she sits next to me, we say hi, etc.
    So far, smooth sailing.
  6. Then I notice that she's holding a glass mason jar.
    Kinda weird, but whatever. You do you, girl.
  7. But... The jar has holes in the lid.
    Weird. I actually thought it was some weird kind of water bottle? Hydration a really important.
  8. Then the kid across the aisle goes "is that a FISH?!!"
    And, yep, it was. The girl next to me had a fish. In a mason jar. With holes in the lid. 🐟
  9. She was bringing it home for the four day weekend.
    Let's be clear: she was bringing her LIVE FISH home in a MASON JAR on a 7 hour BUS RIDE for a 4 day weekend. Like, I'm sure fish are great and all but there is no way I would bring one on a bus if I was just going to be gone for 4 days.
  10. And I'm like "I can roll with this. I'm adaptable."
    That's a lie. I was not very adaptable at that point in my life. But, anyways, things were fine. Great, even. Until...
  11. The bus stopped at a gas station and I got off to get some snacks.
    As you do.
  12. When I got back on the bus she wasn't there, so I crawled over her stuff to get to my window seat.
    The fish wasn't really on my mind. I had assumed she had stored it somewhere safe.
  13. I sit in my seat and notice I had kind of jostled the stuff on her seat.
    She had a pillow I'd knocked over. I went to pick it up to fix it when I noticed...
  14. I had accidentally knocked over the mason jar fish.
    PANIC. She had it on her seat under the pillow!? That didn't make any sense to me. 😬
  15. I stood the jar back up as quickly as possible and out everything back exactly as I had found it.
    Don't worry about the fish. It was fine. It had plenty of water. But, there was a small puddle of water on her seat.
  16. She gets back on the bus and picks up her pillow and fish jar, then sits down.
    I stare out the window as though the Wisconsin country side is the most captivating sight I have ever seen.
  17. Then she stands up. Because her butt is wet. From her fish water. That I spilled.
    I continue staring out the window. "Oh, look, a tree."
  18. She sits back down, holding her fish jar, with a wet butt.
    I stare out the window and hope the bus will crash so I won't have to tell this girl I spilled her fish water.
  19. She ends up getting off the bus somewhere in Wisconsin.
    I never tell her why her seat was wet. She never asks.
  20. I make a promise to myself that I will never be fish jar girl.
    I'm just not cut out for the life of a fish jar girl.
  21. Fin.