I seem to rotate through phrases and these are the ones I'm currently using all day, every day.
  1. Yikes
    Because it is such a great word. And applicable in so many situations.
  2. Bummer
    Either the perfect response or a huge understatement. And wonderful in both cases. For example: "We are out of milk." "Bummer." OR "I fell down the porch steps and broke my leg." "Bummer."
  3. No bueno
    If I don't use bummer you better bet I'm using no bueno.
  4. Lord knows
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    Or as my roommate prefers, "Lorde knows."
  5. Live your life
    As in, you do you.
  6. qu'est-ce que c'est
    Pretty sure I use it incorrectly about 95% of the time. Usually in a "say what?" sort of context.