From favorite to actively avoided
  1. My room
    Twinkle-y lights, twine, quilts, what's not to love?
  2. Dining room
    Cozy, has a love seat and bookshelf, where roomie dinners are held, etc.
  3. Living room
    A work in progress but cute as heck and the home of the gratitude jar.
  4. Kitchen
    Has a gas stove so, 👍. But has the worst linoleum known to man so, 👎.
  5. Emma's room
    Roomie's room that I am almost never in, but she has good decorating taste.
  6. Hannah's room
    Another roomie's room that I am also never in. She doesn't have any knock knacks or decorations though.
  7. The basement
    Creepy and dark.
  8. The bathroom
    It's small and gross and clean on the surface but ick.