Little town, it's a quiet village.
  1. The library: "Joan, where is your glasses chain? We said we would all wear our glasses chains today. What happened to librarian solidarity????" "Kim, I lost it!" "Like hell she lost it, now the whole group look is off." "At least I wore a cardigan!"
  2. The coffee shop on the corner: "It's about a road trip, but it's really a metaphor for lost innocence." "Does he have any friends?" "Well, in the beginning, it's just him and his cactus, but he picks up a hitchhiker at a music festival and she teaches him about love." "Wow, that's groundbreaking, man." "I know, it's so brilliant."
  3. The high school parking lot: "So you're not going to homecoming with Jaden?" "" "Yeah, no, it's cool. I was just asking." "Asking me to homecoming? Or just asking?" "No, yeah." "Wait, what?" "I was just asking you." "To homecoming?" "Well, no, yeah. Yeah." "Ugh, I have to get to class soon." "Yeah, no, me too." "What???"
  4. The traffic patrol car on Oak Street: "Check it out, that squirrel is running so fast." "Oh damn, he's chasing that girl." "Wait, do they know each other?" "No man, the squirrel's chasing the dog." "Oh hey, that bird is coming down." "THE PARROTS AGH WHY THE PARROTS"