I am my father's daughter through and through: in storytelling, in love for noodles, in dimples. I like to think we make the list of best father-daughter duos, alongside Lizzy and Mr Bennet, Belle and Maurice, and Veronica and Keith Mars, but with less drama. He's my best pal, so here's a Father's Day list of all the things we do on the regular.
  1. Lunch.
    The best days are the days that my dad texts me to pick him up from work so we can eat lunch together.
  2. Movies.
    He always buys the popcorn and finds the plot holes.
  3. Grocery shopping.
    In which we spend a lot of time looking at junk food and thinking of ways to hide it from my mom.
  4. Ice cream.
    I can't even eat ice cream, but I love going to get it with him.
  5. Running.
    My dad used to be a track and field star, and I used to be late to class a lot. Now we've done a bunch of 5Ks and even an obstacle course race!
  6. Bookstores.
    Could easily spend all my time and all my dad's money between Vroman's Bookstore and the Comics Factory. TAKE THAT AMAZON
  7. Comic book conventions.
    This year, for Wonder Con, he dyed his hair so we could cosplay as Professor Oak (him) and Ash (me). The number of kids who took his picture was outrageous. Next year, get ready for Baymax and Hiro!
  8. Tall buildings.
    If there's a tall building from which to see the world, my dad and I want to be on top of it. We've been to the Eiffel Tower, Space Needle, Empire State Building, even the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio from which the view was the very flat and vast world of southern Texas.
  9. Road trips.
    We've had the same Van Morrison playlist up the coast, the same 7-11 junk food hauls on every pit stop, and same chicken strips and fries at every Denny's across America.