They really should consult me for EVERYTHING.
  1. Governor Jerry Brown and the California drought.
    Going brown for Governor Brown?
  2. Kraft singles and single hits at a Dodgers game.
    They already have Jeopardy sponsoring the doubles.
  3. Related, Shark Tank sponsoring the first pitch at a Dodgers game.
    Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf First Pitch of the Game doesn't quite have that zing.
  4. Pikachu and Hi-Chew candy.
    Both unstoppable forces of Japanese origins.
  5. The Great Shakeout but for Sasquatch and Loch Ness Monster hunting.
    In California, we have the Great Shakeout for earthquakes. Do other regions spend time being prepared to hunt their legendary giants? Do they call it the Great Stakeout??
  6. The sequel to Now You See Me.
    "Now You Don't" would have been much better than "Now You See Me 2."