At my teaching job in Hong Kong.
  1. An email notified me about a staff meeting.
  2. A student notified me that he did not bring pants for lab.
    He borrowed my pants. He will never forget again.
  3. Another staff member notified me that the meeting location changed.
  4. An email notified me of the dangers of heat exhaustion.
  5. An email notified me about the lack of print quota.
  6. An email notified me about the lack of water in the dorms.
    There goes the heat exhaustion.
  7. The RA for my students notified me (okay, well, texted me) that he'd "link up" with me if he had more time.
    He did call me beautiful, so points for Slytherin.
  8. An email notified me that the staff would all be using the showers on my floor as those were the only ones with water running.
    Speaking of running, I sprinted to the shower.