Not really sure what these are, but definitely sure about these locations. Also good places for proposals, if anyone's asking.
  1. Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.
    I heard about pop-up weddings from a guy on the T in Boston. He lived in D.C and that's where he met his fiancé. He said they were probably going to do a pop-up wedding at the Library of Congress, but obviously he has poor taste. Why would you do it at the Library of Congress when you have the Cherry Blossom Festival? Also, my parents met in D.C., so I find it a very romantic city. Also, cherry blossoms!
  2. Cinderella castle at Disney.
    Fairytale location meets pop-up wedding; also known as a pop-up book of fairytales.
  3. Mount Haleakala at sunrise.
    Just think of the lighting. The dawn of a new life together, etc. etc.
  4. National parks.
    Any of them. All of them. My parents got engaged in Yosemite, and it was perfect. Also, Bear would enjoy seeing his own kind.
  5. Wonder Con.
    Or any geek-safe space for that matter. I just think everyone would be really welcoming and celebratory and you could do it in cosplay in a good way and you'd have really good photos.