Love this city.
  1. Dim sum.
    We are going to dim sum at 3 AM.
  2. Hiking.
  3. Directions about how to do everything and how to act in every situation.
    Everything in HK has PA announcements or notices which tell you what to do at all times.
  4. Islands.
    So balmy.
  5. Cantonese.
    I hardly speak any Cantonese but the Cantonese that I do speak is really getting a workout here.
  6. Sanrio.
    Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Chococat, Cinnamoroll, etc. I have already purchased a multitude of cute things for no reason.
  7. Taking selfies.
    I'm not a very experienced selfie taker but I am really making strides everywhere I go.
  8. High School Musical.
    Okay so this is only popular among my female students, but I was really down with this franchise.