Alas, poor kettle corn! I knew him, Horatio.
  1. The toast landing jam-side-down.
  2. Losing an earring.
  3. Thinking there was more in the cup but it's empty.
  4. Somebody who you don't really like that much but still, you thought they liked you a lot, and it turns out they don't like you that much either.
  5. The cover of a paperback book getting bent or damaged in any way.
    Also when the same thing happens to hardcover book jacket. Or when the pages get smushed.
  6. Tearing a run in a new pair of tights.
  7. A soup dumpling leaking before you can slurp the soup from it.
  8. Spilling a bag of cheap popcorn on the ground.
    Or spilling anything, really.
  9. Forgetting to use a coupon.
    My tacos today could have been $6 instead of $8!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Missing the free parking time limit by less than five minutes.
    "Sorry, ma'am, that will be $2842727."
  11. Getting your socks wet.
  12. Leaving your yoga mat at home and being forced to use one that OTHER PEOPLE have touched.
    Same goes for going bowling and forgetting socks.
  13. Someone eating the very large yellow nectarine that you specifically hid in the back of the refrigerator so that no one would take it.
    "Forgive me, it was so cold,/so labeled with your name on it."
  14. Finding out that your casual-maybe-crush-but-you-have-not-officially-crushed-yet person is, in fact, already taken.