Since @anagha999 and I have so many at once. These are all incredibly fruitful conversation topics, that you can have at any time. Warning: some may be highly controversial and difficult to conduct over text messaging. Be mindful of your tone.
  1. Manners.
    What is the deal with people being flaky and not texting back? And not following through on friend stuff? And not caring about you as much as you care about them?
  2. Siblings.
    Why are they the way they are? Also, their significant others.
  3. Parents.
    Sometimes so progressive, sometimes so traditional. Usually we like them; sometimes we really, really don't understand them. They are generally chill and supportive, and good to bring on vacations.
  4. Cultural appropriation.
    Sometimes it's hard to know what's cultural appropriation and what's cultural appreciation and globalization. We both come from cultures that have been highly appropriated and we also like things that come from other cultures. It's a tough line.
  5. Intent and action.
    Sometimes people have good intentions but do really bad things. How do you handle that situation?
  6. Beauty ideas.
    Ana does this coconut oil thing for her hair and has her makeup pretty much down. Stina never knows what's happening and almost never does anything in this department. Perfume, though, we like that.
  7. Pants.
    You mean leg prisons. We hate them. Skirts are so preferable. (See below.) Also, see list: WHAT TO CALL SKINNY JEANS INSTEAD OF SKINNY JEANS
  8. Midi skirts.
    We talked about these once, enough to figure out that we are super confused by them.
  9. Dried mango.
    A subset of food conversations, but more important. Stina's grandma sends her dried mango like it's not available in any place other than the Costco in South Bay. Ana eats it like it's not available in any place other than in packages from Stina's grandma.
  10. Food.
    Arugula. Tacos. Spicy things. Dim sum. Broccoli in garlic sauce.
  11. Soup.
    Not to be confused with food conversations. Life is like making soup. Some of us find a recipe, buy ingredients in proper quantities, and follow instructions. Ana mostly does this and she usually makes good soup. Some of us go to the market and just pick out what looks good, and throw it all in a pot with some chicken broth. Stina mostly does this and it's sometimes edible. Remember, this is a metaphor for how we approach life, not real soup. But we like soup too.
  12. Crazy things in the news.
    What is the deal with the world? Could we all just not?!?!
  13. Timshel.
    If you don't already have a lifelong obsession with John Steinbeck's East of Eden, you need to get it together right now.
  14. Talking during movies.
    We super disagree on protocol here, but also Ana likes watching movies with other people and Stina hates it.
  15. Emojis.
    Where is Mickey Mouse emoji?!?!
  16. Columbia Taal.
    Literally the best dance group in the world. Taalso, a gold mine for puns.
  17. HIMYM.
    Both of us have watched this show and only Ana likes it. It's a source of cultural theory as well as frustration. Both of us love NPH though, and Stina's cousin is basically Barney Stinson. For. Real.
  18. Slugs.
    Aplysia, to be exact. Key research animal for neuroscience; big part of Ana's life. Extends to Dr. Bob Hawkins: his lunch habits, his children, and his bike shorts.
  19. Internet links to random stuff.
    Ana sends these and Stina doesn't read them.
  20. The Mindy Project.
    We are the biggest @mindy fans, but not always the biggest Mindy Lahiri fans. She stresses us out, because we want to love her. Mindy, stay smart, stay safe. And please CALL US.
  21. Mindy Kaling.
    We love her. We are her. She is us. Ave, @mindy, si Latine te dicemus, responderesne?