I love all my lists, but these were the ones I always hoped people would read.
  1. One of my creative masterpieces.
  2. Someday I'll find you sitting in one of these galleries. Bring a copy of your favorite Shakespeare play so I know it's you.
  3. A running list between me and my sister.
  4. My dad says not to let the little things get to me, but sometimes it's ONLY the little things that get to me.
  5. Remember and honor a man who fought valiantly and justly.
  6. Soon I'll just be a figment of your imagination.
  7. My parents are the coolest.
  8. We were never really friends, li.st and I, but we had so many mutual loved ones. Like weird cousins-in-law.
  9. I'll miss the list requests but keep them coming anyway!
  10. Came for the lists, stayed for the literature.
  11. I hope people would keep reading my lists.