It's called rebranding, I guess.
  1. The Get Down by Baz Luhrmann.
    I will always show up for Baz (see WHITE MEN WHOM I TRUST TO WRITE A STORY TO WHICH I CAN RELATE and MY FAVORITE LOVE SCENES) and this new project is a dream. A dangerous, dirty, drug-filled dream, and oh what a beautiful one it is.
  2. The Killers.
    It's not that I'm late to the party, it's that I'm still at the party even though a lot of people have gone home.
  3. Riz Ahmed.
    I MEAN. (See I've never realized how much I love Edmund. Almost as much as I love Harry Hotspur.
  4. The March for Science Facebook group.
    I'm a shy activist, and I know I could and should do more to advocate for the things in which I believe. I'm inspired by all the people who are so proudly passionate about science. I won't let you down, Earth 🌏!
  5. NYT acrostic word puzzles.
    Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, never die.
  6. Sesame Street's new character, Julia.
    Julia has autism and she's amazing! I've watched so many Sesame Street videos that all my Facebook ads are children's toys.