I have recently relocated to Orlando for school and Hurricane Irma is imminent. AND YET, the world turns on and I know my priorities. Last li.st till the storm blows over; I'll only be updating on Twitter once the power goes out.
  1. The Dream Act.
    The worry that we students felt in the past two days about uncertain futures is how Dreamers will feel long after the storm is over.
  2. Hurricane Harvey relief and Hurricane Irma relief NOT in Orlando.
    It shouldn't be too bad here, I hope.
  3. Title IX.
    My junior year English class speech hinged on this legislature. Students' rights to a safe education are NOT AN OPTION, they are a necessity.
  4. Will on TNT
    I hope the power doesn't go out so I can finally catch up on my Shakespeare trash.
  5. All the lectures I'm missing.
  6. My grandma.
    We talk every Friday and today she told me about escaping the war (WWII, that is) and I taught her how to use Google, or at least I tried to teach her over the phone. Her knee isn't doing so well either, so hopefully that gets fixed.
  7. World War II stories.
    See above. Escaping from militarized oppression is nothing compared to the chance of rain.
  8. Google.
    Also see above. She learned to use Translate! If only she could remember.
  9. Whitewashing in Hollywood.
    Kenneth Lowe's article includes a quote stating that Asians are hard to cast because "they're not very expressive." WELL WELL WELL WHO INVENTED EMOJIS AND WHO IS LOSING MONEY FOR THEIR ANTIQUATED IDEALS??? (See https://amp.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/09/bias-does-not-come-out-with-the-whitewash.html)