If there is a perfect place to wear leather pants, it's a con.
  1. 7:30 AM
    Cat-eye eyeliner is HARD. Is this black eyeliner? "Charcoal." Is "charcoal" black?
  2. 7:43 AM
    Do high-tops go with leather pants? Do leather pants go with a Pikachu hat? Does a Pikachu hat go with high-tops?
  3. 8:11 AM
    Oooh, free parking.
  4. 8:45 AM
    Are these people also going to WonderCon or are they just dressed like that normally?
  5. 8:55 AM
    From Fan to Creator panel.
  6. 9:17 AM
    Batbear is ready.
  7. 9:32 AM
    There are not a lot of people here for panels. Good for me, bad for panels.
  8. 10:40 AM
    Douglas Neff should not have used Papyrus font for this PowerPoint.
  9. 11:17 AM
    Ooooh, art. (lonelyvincent.com)
  10. 11:23 AM
    Ooooh, art. (gingerzap.etsy.com)
  11. 11:30 AM
    Poison Ivy, THAT's who she's trying to be.
  12. 11:32 AM
    Ooooh, ar—
  13. 11:33 AM
  14. 11:39 AM
    Watercolors, ooooh. (penelopeloveprints.tumblr.com)
  15. 11:48 AM
    God, people commission the freakiest art.
  16. 11:51 AM
    Accidentally attacking people with the pointy edges of all the postcards I'm holding.
  17. 12:00 PM
    Wow, twelve noon already.
  18. 12:12 PM
    Why are people buying these weird tiny figurines? Like, a lot of them.
  19. 12:17 PM
    Somebody should start doing fan art for minor Disney side characters, like Flounder or Zazu. I would totally hang a poster of Cogsworth on my wall.
  20. 12:22 PM
    Why are there not more Pikachu hats here?
  21. 12:23 PM
    Print in Artist's Alley reads, "My favorite type of men is ramen." Mmmm, ramen.
  22. 12:52 PM
  23. 1:30 PM
  24. 2:00 PM
    English dubs make anime seem crazier than it is. I mean, cross-dressing and mystical high schools aren't SUPER weird.
  25. 2:58 PM
    Writing 101 panel.
  26. 3:03 PM
  27. 3:32 PM
    Oh, is that what Star Wars is about?
  28. 4:03 PM
    "Zombie bunnies! Easter is right around the corner! It's all about the undead, right?" Peddling plushies gets real.
  29. 4:14 PM
    Cuds is cute, but Bear was not that impressed. We did talk up the blog, though!
  30. 4:22 PM
    Bear makes two new friends: Mr. T and Mr. B! Have to check out their story now... (www.twintales.us)
  31. 4:30 PM
    Do I want a poster? Do I want a T-shirt? Do I want a light saber? Do I want a set of furry ears?
  32. 5:07 PM
    Romance in Sci-Fi/Fantasy panel.
  33. 5:25 PM
    "You may not realize it, but there is a lot of romance in sci-fi and fantasy." Um, that's why half of us are here, you silly moderator, for the ROMANCE.
  34. 5:50 PM
    I did not know who Gigi Edgley was until today, but gosh, she's adorable and lovely.
  35. 6:13 PM
    One more time up Artist's Alley! (mikehicksart.com)
  36. 6:26 PM
    Ooooh, art. (kristenlau.tumblr.com)
  37. 6:34 PM
    Sigh, goodbye art. (cultclassicposters.com)
  38. 6:40 PM
    Maybe I do want a T-shirt? Or a snapback? Or a terry cloth robe? Or some seat belts for my car?
  39. 6:55 PM
    One last photo before we go!
  40. 7:02 PM
    Hats off to WonderCon 2016! (Literally, I am removing my Pikachu hat for the train ride home.)
  41. 8:07 PM
    A hero's return (to Panda Express).
  42. 8:16 PM
    My eyeliner stayed put all day, and that in itself is a success story.