1. My computer's hard drive is full.
  2. My backup drive won't boot.
  3. My phone wants an update but says there is no room for an update.
  4. While I have pulled 27 chargers out of various drawers and cubbies, none of them fit the removable drive containing all my pictures.
  5. Game Stop is sending my request to reset my password to someone other than me.
  6. I have three identical parts of my two-part computer charging cable but none of its sister/brother/cousin (I'm unclear on the relative paternity of any of these pieces)
  7. The only available outlet on my extension cord is too loose to hold a plug.
  8. OS is giving me weird text boxes telling me what I'm trying to do but not actually doing anything.
  9. My car heater won't work. Neither will the phone charger. Or the lighter. But the left turn signal is clicking doubletime.
  10. My mom keeps telling me she called my landline but my phone doesn't ring on my end.
  11. Freaking no one is getting my emails.