1. Inadvertently funny
    For some reason I find basically everything she does slightly hilarious. I don't know what it is about her mannerisms that make me chuckle. She is silly and warm and I think it's a trove of hilariousness. This leads into my next favorite thing about her. . .
  2. With a huge smile she asks "What???"
    "What??? Why are you laughing?" (Still smiling and laughing herself.)
  3. Those green pants
    Idk man I just think army green looks so good and I love the cut of those pants. I want some.
  4. Li'l liberal
    She's so socially conscious and I just spent 3 hours reading Mindy Kaling's book while working and eating off brand cookies.
  5. Talented
    Girl can write. So touching. So real. So funny.
  6. We be drinkin
    4pm on a Wednesday? yeah let's do some shots.