1. Uber to these places
  2. Chipotle
    I've thought about this a lot. I know I'll be in shock and this will likely be the most convenient purchase therefore first. Guac & a soda please.
  3. Various designer accessories
    Shoes, watches, purses, etc. I don't wanna slow my happiness by going through the painstaking process of trying on clothes. Everything needs to be on a whim.
  4. Candles and perfume
    Bath and Body works and step on it!
  5. Weed and alcohol
    By this time it's the evening. Time to party. Weed and drinks are on me, friends.
  6. Breakfast the next morning
    Friends are still covered.
  7. College
    At least a lil chunk of my tuition
  8. An apartment.
    bye Dwight