I am flying from Charlotte to Chicago away from home and back to school.
  1. Today saying goodbye wasn't so bad.
    Maybe because I left on good terms with all of my family. Maybe because I feel for some reason today that they will all be okay today too. I did what I could for each of them before leaving and they seem to be trusting and open with one another right now.
  2. There are lots of kids on my flight.
    Sometimes is frustrating to have kids on your flight because they can be loud. But today I see their constant questions as intriguing learning. They are sweet little girls reading and questioning and their parents are all so kind and patient. They are so small and distant but it's oddly comforting knowing they're growing.
  3. I got my new cheese grater through security with no problem at all!
    I also got a lighter & a pipe through. The cheese grater is still more exciting.
  4. It was still rainy and overcast this morning and flights were delayed across the airport. Mine was fine thankfully.
  5. We waited on the runway for a long time and I started to worry about being delayed. I couldn't even see the planes waiting behind us let alone the runway ahead.
  6. We took off finally and rushed into the blanket of whiteness. I got very scared as I saw the wing outside my window disappear from view. I thought about all the planes in front of us and all the potential ways we could crash.
  7. At the height of my fear, we powered through the fog and suddenly we were out. Above it.
  8. Static
  9. I began to cry a little as I was instantly reassured. It was so beautiful and mystifying.
    I love flying and remembering how small and temporary I am and everything else created by humans. Everything will be okay here once we are all gone and while that's terrifying to think life goes on without me or those I've loved, it's comforting to know that even if I can't fix everything while I'm here, it will someday fix itself.
  10. So now the children are amazed too and I feel so inspired and content.
  11. And here we are.