It is where I felt most at peace. It just had an indescribable energy that I find myself constantly thinking back to.
  1. It's a cabin owned by our new (old) friends that was meant to just provide hot showers & a chance to clean up between shifts at a festival we were working.
    This is it. I wish so much that I had taken more photos. As with every worthwhile experience, I was too busy appreciating it to think about documenting it.
  2. We (my two childhood best friends and I) worked our second summer as "security" at FloydFest, a bluegrass festival in the mountains of Virginia.
    It was late July of 2016 and I was set to move into my first apartment in Chicago as soon as we got home. This trip was really our last bit of time together.
  3. We got the gig from Hannah's (1 aforementioned childhood friend) dad who somehow knows every bar and restaurant owner in Charlotte.
    FloydFest has a great beer garden and the Charlotte bar owners are all big bluegrass fans.
  4. This, our second year, was a big deal. Hannah's dad came along unlike the year before.
    Pro: No more Beenie weenies straight from the can, con: rules.
  5. Hannah's dad ended up teaching us how to drink Moonshine, sharing the confiscated outside alcohol from his post at the front gates, and even offered us weed.
  6. In years past we would quietly drink warm beers out of to-go coffee cups in our tent until we ran out of our stolen stash. Now we were out in the open drinking beer and smoking. A weird little man named Kyle really helped us out here.
    One of many amazing people we met along the way.
  7. Kyle was 26, had never met Tim (Hannah's dad) before but they made the drive up from charlotte together and quickly became best friends.
  8. Kyle was a new cook at one of the bars and didn't know anything about bluegrass. He was a hard worker but all the other people in our group were over 50 so he kind of fell in with us.
  9. Kyle gave us joints and Angry Orchards and eased the translation for us into the adult group in Tim's eyes.
  10. It seems silly, but being able to sit outside the tent and chill was a big part of the festival, especially for us as we'd been excluded before, and finally being open took a lot of stress off of Kate, Hannah, and me.
  11. And then we met two of the greatest people I will ever know.
  12. Pierce and Jason are a wonderful couple of bartenders from a neat spot in charlotte and upon meeting them they shared their Jaybirds with us. A drink invented by Jason that they'd been chugging for the better part of 8 hours.
  13. A Jaybird is Mocha Monster and Vodka and I wish to start every day with it.
  14. They are each so kind and Pierce especially is a fireball. She calls her favorite and most inspiring gal pals "squirrels"
  15. Jason was quiet but sharp and thought we were all hilarious. He worshipped Pierce.
  16. We loved them both instantly.
  17. Pierce had so much dirt on Tim and he was putty in her hands. A real asset considering he's usually very strict with us and can really kill a buzz if he's mad.
  18. Jason and Pierce were staying in this cabin off the parkway (BRP) and seeing our 4 days of grime, they offered to let us come shower and charge our phones after our next shift.
    Oh yeah that's what this is about!
  19. We packed our things and took the long, beautiful drive up to the cabin.
  20. It was the kind of house I'd always dreamed of. Positioned at the top of a mountain all by itself.
  21. We pulled up to 4 cats (theirs) lounging on the porches of the cabin. It was quiet and tranquil.
  22. The cabin was owned by Pierce's great aunt and was easily 100 years old. It was so stunning.
  23. Pierce and Jason told us to make ourselves at home and they headed out to the market.
  24. Jason went out to the car and Pierce pointed us to the Jaybirds before revealing the joint for us in the key dish.
  25. They headed down the mountain and Kate and Hannah got in the two showers in the old home.
  26. I took in the little cabin and it's old decorations.
  27. The doors were both wide open and clear mountain air flowed through the house.
  28. I lit the joint knowing Kate and Hannah wouldn't miss half of it and wandered outside.
  29. Once outside I wanted to be there forever. There was no one around and no reason to worry about anything.
  30. There was music playing quietly from in the house and cats roaming freely with me as I strolled the front yard.
  31. Static
  32. Static
  33. I took three photos during this 15 minute walk.
  34. I think I cried a little bit because I was so perfectly content.
  35. I went back inside and Hannah was out of her shower.
  36. I still wish my walk had never ended because it was so beautifully calming and reassuring.
  37. The rest of the day is pretty much a blur. I don't even remember what happened pre-cabin or when we left.
  38. Part of me wishes I had more or better photos of this magical place, but without them I'm able to close my eyes and remember each step again with perfect composition.