The Perfect Bed Time Routine

  1. Set your alarms
    You know you're gonna be so comfortable that you'll forget later
  2. School prep
    Make sure you know where your shoes and backpack are to save the freak out in the morning.
  3. Clean bed
    Before you do anything, make sure your bed is prepared for you to fall lovingly down into it when you're ready for sleepy sleep.
  4. Netflix & Prep
    Take some time to consider what you're in the mood to fall asleep to tonight. Preset your fave.
  5. Pre-pack a bowl
    Get it ready. Set it on your nightstand with the lighter so you're ready to go.
  6. Shower
    Clean all your bits so you don't have to wake up earlier in the morning to do it.
  7. Moisturize
  8. Jamz
    Throw on ya jammies after your skin is good and lotioned
  9. Bed 💝
    It's time. Cuddle up with the best blanket and fucking live it up.
  10. Hit play. Hit the bowl.
  11. #SLEEP
    enjoy because things are going to be terrible again in 7 hours.