I've come and gone from my home in North Carolina many times, and it's always so hard to let go of so many things. This time I'm heading back to Chicago for school.
  1. The nature
    Feeling in touch with nature has always been important to me. Looking outside and seeing trees and grass growing freely is a luxury I never thought I'd lose. I love camping and hiking and wish every day that I could just wonder into some quiet woods for a few hours each day.
  2. The weather
    The climate is perfect. Warm when it should be warm and cold when it should be cold. There are seasons here and gentle fluctuation in degree as the sun crosses the sky and the moon rises. I
  3. The rain
    I lived in Florida for a while where there were huge epic storms. I adored them. Something about the gentle, but steady rain here is so comforting to me. The greatest sound in the world is rain on a tin roof. Though I've tried many times, no simulator can match the sweet sound of a rainy night here.
  4. My family
    We are all so close and important to each other. A lot is happening with everyone right now and it hurts so much to leave when there is so much to be done just between all of us.
  5. More specifically, my mom
    The closest. And the hardest. And the biggest issues on the horizon.
  6. My dog
    I pass dozens of dogs on the street every day and can't even pet them. My little dog is so spoiled & we are so spoiled by her. I miss being able to watch tv as her fat little body snores in arms.
  7. My car
    Driving has always been very calming and freeing for me. I drive my late grandpa's truck now and feel so wonderfully inspired while speeding down a highway in it.
  8. My own bathroom
    This one is less serious, but having a personal bathroom is just about as good as it gets for me. Looking forward to my incredible shower back in Chicago though.
  9. My childhood memories
    I grew up here then moved when I was about 12 and now my mom lives here again. I drive down the streets my bus route went down and navigate through the city taking in all of the huge changes in landscape my beloved city has experienced without me. I feel like I've been here forever and like I belong, but then I'm faced with the sad notion that I don't really know anything about this place anymore.