I've always had my sights set high. It's strange to write it all out and see that I knew what I wanted to be all along.
  1. Kindergarten: cowgirl, president, teacher
  2. First grade: author, mom, teacher
  3. Second grade: author, teacher, photographer
  4. Third grade: some kind of writer, photographer, journalist, and all of this would culminate in me owning my own newspaper and editing it, teacher, president
  5. Fourth grade: Lorelai Gilmore, photojournalist and editor.
  6. Fifth grade: teacher, writer, rich
    5th grade me did not understand that those are the two jobs that's guarantee lower-middle class
  7. Sixth grade: married, showbiz extraordinaire
  8. Seventh grade: director, teacher, mentor
    What I assumed I would direct: cinematic music videos and the sequel to The Dark Knight (for some reason I thought they might be hiring though Nolan kicked ass)
  9. Eighth grade: university president, mom, teacher/professor, lawyer, cinematographer, director, screenwriter
  10. Ninth grade: foley artist, film critic, writer, president, director, organization master
  11. Tenth grade: screenwriter, teacher, novelist
  12. Eleventh grade: essayist, memoirist, screenwriter, lawyer, congressperson, criminal, teenage runaway, stand-up comedian, "free spirit", academic expert on The Office
  13. Twelfth grade: lifetime learner, speech writer, White House chief of staff, TV writer and showrunner, lawyer, rhetoric analyst, Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling's adopted daughter/ bff, psychologist
  14. Freshman year of college: TV Writer and creator of my own show, Ike Barinholtz's best friend, writer for The Mindy Project
  15. Sophomore year of college: Executive producer - low level famous, Matty Warburton, teacher, PR Rep, employed in any way, happy