1. "Tiny socks for cats"
    In need of real life kitten mittens. How cute would tiny cat feet look in tiny socks? Also, v. practical for the winter season
  2. "How to spell swoll"
    Apologies, my dedication to "the pump" seems to be lacking. Is it swole? Swoll? Does anyone even recognize this word when it's typed?
  3. "Its vs It's"
    I'm only human.
  4. "What is vogueing the dance?"
    Still looking for an answer to this one...
  5. "Cute husky", "cute puppy", "dog"
    In increasing level of desperation.
  6. "Kim Kardashian crying face"
    Nothing says "I'm so sorry I can't go" like this image. Also, I've been told I'm an exceptionally good looking crier, so it's a nice ego boost.
  7. "Venomous sea snakes SLO"
    THEY ARE COMING. HIDE YOUR WIFE, HIDE YOUR KIDS. But for reals, these sea serpents are no joke. Fun fact: they can hold their breath for 90 minutes. Not so fun fact: they will kill you. Thanks, El Niño