List requested - see I'm doing it!
  1. Not necessarily in order, except #1
  2. Valzar- My 29 yr old Arabian stallion- Love at first sight 20 + years ago-he's my soulmate if a horse can be that for a human- he knows and SEES me and I know him!
  3. Zack- black lab/Shepard mix- my first dog and constant companion for over 10 yrs. he showed me what I never understood before sharing my life with him.
  4. Dave- Chaweenie bad ass from the streets of Baja!!! My current constant companion- shows me daily how in-tune one can be if you are paying attention!
  5. Emas- my first 'son'- My first foal from Valzar- he is my guardian and comfort when I'm vulnerable.
  6. Thyme- my first 'son'- second foal from Vazar, only foal from my first horse Cinnamon. Sensitive, kind, respectful horse that I have trained and given to my 9year old daughter! He keeps her safe and teaches her so much each time she plays with him!
  7. Cinnamon-my first horse! Taught me more than I can ever communicate! She and I were linked- I could whistle and she would come galloping across 50 acres to me! Words can't describe that feeling of love!
  8. Comfy- my very first pet! He was a little black dwarf rabbit that I got when I was 5. He would snuggle me and sit in my lap for ages!
  9. Otis-14 year old hound/Shepard mix- he adopted me 7 years ago and has been my sentry at the door for a year now. We thought he left us several months ago and are ecstatic to have him return and regain his health 100%!!!
  10. I've had so many pets! I will continue this list at another time...