It is 3:26 A.M. I had major neck surgery less than 24 hours ago. Recovering really well, but, hey it is still surgery...
  1. Count minutes like they are sheep until next pain medication
  2. Whittle
    Although a little difficult to do with an IV.
  3. Read books about Scientology
    They all include at least a million references to Tom Cruise. Dude is crazy!
  4. Wonder if my pain medication is making me write things like "Dude is crazy!"
    I mean, I've never exactly uttered or written that phrase. EVER.
  5. Talk to Elvis
    He really is a great listener!
  6. Wonder if the lady who came in to draw my blood at 2:45 has a soul
    I had finally just fallen asleep. Dude is evil!
  7. Write a list...