What I did on Inauguration Day...

  1. Woke up with major gas and indigestion
    Thank you random Japanese steak house...
  2. Took thyroid medication
    Wake up metabolism!
  3. Talked to my cats like they are actually people
    "Holy poop, Fabio! Can you believe that twist in the Good Place? Crazy, huh?"
  4. Stared at my phone
    Time Hop, Facebook, Fitbit
  5. Made chocolate protein shake with 4 scoops of super green food
    Thank you random Japanese steakhouse
  6. Quick shower and wishing I had time to wash my hair
    My hair smells like random Japanese steakhouse...
  7. Totally late for my nail appointment
    Alien abductions are a bitch
  8. Watched inauguration while getting nails done
    No red or blue polish: I chose a beautiful grape jelly purple
  9. Ate lunch at Corner Bakery while reading Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher
    Reading all her books in homage to the Queen
  10. Neuromuscular Massage
    Weekly tune up
  11. Cat Farming
    Litter boxing and feeding house full of cats is tiring
  12. Birthday Dinner
    Not random Japanese steakhouse
  13. Finished reading Princess Diarist
    Next up, Postcards from the Edge