I had a margarita and then I said words
  1. Prickly pear is good in margaritas but realistically I'm probably never just going to eat a prickly pear.
  2. This is a bomb ass margarita. I have to snap chat it.
  3. Salsa is my favorite vegetable
  4. What the hell are people so worked up about their guns for? Calm down.
  5. Bernie sanders is my spirit politician
  6. [political rant]
  7. [singing songs]
  8. [more political ranting]
  9. I wish I could understand the republicans more. I bet they're good folks at heart, but they're just SO WRONG ABOUT ALL THE THINGS.
  10. I'm not having a beer right now but I'm definitely having one tomorrow probably.
  11. [the next phrase in the song]